Behind the music

Before the exhibition we had roughly 2 weeks to come up with all of the artworks. I often wonder how artists go from nothing to a full coloured artwork on canvas. Well here it is my version of “behind the scenes” to give you some insight and all of my *cough* “secrets” revealed. Yes it is that easy! you can do this too
with the power of dodgy cameras, fist fights and sleepless nights this what we came up with…

Ive had this massive canvas (maybe 1m x 1.5mish) lying around the house for roughly 2 years, unfinished with the word East, a tiger face and some random bird chilling around. When I started this thing I really like the way the tiger turned out so i swore not to touch it until i thought of something cool……..that never happened.
Well when this exhibition rolled around I knew i needed one giant confronting piece as an ode to Japan and canvas’ of that size are hard to find. So It had to be done, sprayed over as a fresh slate I unintentionally recreated steamed hams and the Aurora Borealis. check it.
What an awkward bird haha
yee ?they? east

Working against the car is rough, I need an easel stat.
Also Danny guest appearancing on drawing a line
That line!

Thats it for now for 99, will post the rest later.

This is my attempt at doing something different, more calculated acrylic and colour wise.
flo doing the black fills/background for me
Masking in the diamonds
Acrylic fills making the shapes pop, not quite the look im after though

Acyrlics and some spray once again to create the girl + helmet. Me also looking super phased.
So yeah that’s it for now, will post up more images and “behind the scenes” soon!

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