La Mer LNY 2021 Campaign – Estée Lauder

Design and illustration for the hero image, pattern, branding and packaging graphics for global cosmetics brand La Mer 2021 Year of the Ox Campaign. Thanks to Mariel and the team at Estee Lauder for having me!

‘Journey to Renewal: The Estée Lauder Companies-owned prestige skincare brand La Mer is welcoming the Year of the Ox by highlighting the travel retail-exclusive Arrive Hydrated collection.


Honoured to collaborate with @pipinghotfuture ðŸŒŠ on their new limited artist collection made exclusively from sustainable materials out now in Japan and Asia on @zozotown

“Introducing CHRIS YEE x PIPING HOT⁠”
We invited Australian artist Chris Yee to join us in the fight for clean oceans. The resulting illustrations show his affinity with ocean life and a deep connection with the unseen world below. ⁠
“Our very survival and way of life is dependent on the living, breathing ocean and it’s lifeforms we often don’t interact with day to day. I want to give back by reducing my personal footprint. With this collection I wanted to showcase my inspirations from this hidden precious world and highlight the beautiful creatures below.” – Chris Yee

#PipingHotCollab ã§ã¯ã€ç§ãŸã¡ã®ãƒŸãƒƒã‚·ãƒ§ãƒ³ã‚’広げるためにコラボした、アーティストやブランドを紹介していきます。⁠
– CHRIS YEE ( @yeetheeast ) × PIPING HOT -⁠
オーストラリアのアーティスト、Chris Yee と「美しい海を守る」ミッションのもと、コラボレーションをしました。イラストからは彼の海を愛する気持ちと、海底に住む生き物たちへの深い繋がりや共感が伝わってきます。⁠
” 私たちの生命、ライフスタイルは海ー呼吸するように生きている海ーに依存しています。普段はそれには気づかないかもしれません。このコレクションで、海という普段は意識することのない資源から享受しているインスピレーションを表現して、海底に隠れる美しい生き物たちを描きたかったんです。”⁠


Artwork and animated ad for UK musician Griff and her new release “One Foot in Front of the Other”

Big Thanks to Warner Music Aus for having me!

‘TUMBALONG’ Heritage Artwork


“Hi I’m Chris Yee, an artist based out of Ryde, Sydney Australia and this is my process for the Tumbalong Heritage Artwork, proudly in Haymarket, Chinatown Sydney

My work is largely illustrative and recently textiles influenced, but I like to think it is mostly driven by storytelling.

A lot of my stories and characters are influenced by my social upbringing, and I thought as someone identifying of the new Asian-Australian identity, it was something that I could help infuse with the rich industrial and cultural history of the past.

The Tumbalong artwork itself is titled around the original name given to the area by the indigenous people of the Cadigal Clan, The dancing characters acting as a modern expression of the hunting and gathering traditions of the cockle’s and Guman pines throughout the area.

The artwork also pays tribute to the costume and profession of the area, being of great historical importance to the industrial change in this country. So pictured in the artwork you can see the John Dickson Steam mill, The famous Biddell Brothers confectionary factory, The Cormack Cooperage and in most recent history the late, great Sydney Entertainment centre.

After being graciously asked by Emilyia, Lily and the team at Art Pharmacy to conceptualise and draft the artwork, we then went to the experts at Sydney based production, Axolotl to materialise everything and breathe the artwork to life.

It means a lot for me as a Chinese-Sydney born artist to leave my mark on the area. I feel that this is an important time for change in Sydney, so I’m humbled and honoured to share my perspective and personal relationship with the evolving community and people, whilst help bridge the gap of stories from the past. “

Special Thanks to Lendlease and the City of Sydney!

Artist: Chris Yee
Artwork Production: Art Pharmacy
Fabrication: Axolotl
Video: Babekuhl
Photography: Billy Ryan, Chris Yee, Jodie Barker, Andrew Yee, Eva Li, Darren Luk
Music: Kase Avila

DSC09686DSC09694Hay St Install-photo-Jodie Barker-12Hay St Install-photo-Jodie Barker-14Hay Street Install-photo-Jodie Barker-2DSC09680Hay St Install-photo-Jodie Barker-11DSC09657001A0903Tumbalong2.jpgCHRIS-YEE-chinese-new-year.jpg


Public Opening Ceremony – 23.1.20


LNY2020 at the Galeries, Sydney

LNY2020 Year of the Rat Campaign
Artist/Animation: Chris Yee
Producers: Andpeople Australia, Alexander Wu-Kim
Video: Benjimin Bock & Darren Luk
Words and writing: Andrew Yee

Modern Interpretation of the 12 Lunar Calendar Zodiacs for the Galeries, Sydney Australia. Hung Tapestries, Animated screens and printed vinyls.

HERO_IMAGE copy copy.jpg

LNY2020 at the Galeries Part 1

LNY2020 at the Galeries Part 2





DSC09994 copy.jpg

BTS Campaign studio shots by Darren Luk


Press Opening Day – photos by Sally Emily, hosted by guest Jaguar Jonze1P9A00631P9A0115