Ultra XX

My piece for the “Hyper Reality Dimension XX” gallery the other week.
This was my tribute to all of the high energy, Saturday morning Jap Heroes of the 70s/80s/90s. Besides my “Evil Ryu” spin on the godfather, Ultraman, other side elements I tried to include were some of this, this, this, and this.
Initially I was going to do a whole piece on Guyver entirely, my personal favourite growing up but I was afraid it wouldn’t be as easily recognizable. So I did the next best thing and created a mash-up instead. So yeh If you don’t know please check Guyver out, I guarantee the most bizarre, dark, violent version of the good old power rangers type you’ll ever see (titty laser cannons? you can’t beat that).
The piece is acrylic and a bit of spray on a 40 x 30 canvas.

Photos of the event are now out courtesy of aMBUSH gallery which can be found here

The online catalogue to check out all of the other works can be found here


Been away for a bit but I think it’s time to jump back on this blogging bandwagon again…
Whats been doing? A few things, its most art-schools graduate show season so theres been plenty of free booze and opening nights, including my own. I’ll cover this all on a later post.

But from where I left off…
2 weeks ago it was the Pin-Up Parlor show/exhibition at the Backroom in the Cross.
Cool people, Nice works, Great performances. Hats off to Gigi Vine and Lauren for putting everything together. Heres the final piece that I exhibited, my 50’s dime “Bonita”.

I recently met a fellow Cofa-based artist Irene Feleo who also had a piece in this show. Talented stuff with a lot of delicate linework, check out her work here


Thankfully scored another opportunity to exhibit a small piece in late October/November ish. More details to come as they are released and finalized.
So ive been hard at work on that + design major, in the meantime i’ll hit you up with a little preview of…….the remix
Yes it is a girl piece again, but with good reason. Youll know why once the gallery deets are out. Last girl for a while

Timb man Tuesdays

Behind the music

Before the exhibition we had roughly 2 weeks to come up with all of the artworks. I often wonder how artists go from nothing to a full coloured artwork on canvas. Well here it is my version of “behind the scenes” to give you some insight and all of my *cough* “secrets” revealed. Yes it is that easy! you can do this too
with the power of dodgy cameras, fist fights and sleepless nights this what we came up with…

Ive had this massive canvas (maybe 1m x 1.5mish) lying around the house for roughly 2 years, unfinished with the word East, a tiger face and some random bird chilling around. When I started this thing I really like the way the tiger turned out so i swore not to touch it until i thought of something cool……..that never happened.
Well when this exhibition rolled around I knew i needed one giant confronting piece as an ode to Japan and canvas’ of that size are hard to find. So It had to be done, sprayed over as a fresh slate I unintentionally recreated steamed hams and the Aurora Borealis. check it.
What an awkward bird haha
yee ?they? east

Working against the car is rough, I need an easel stat.
Also Danny guest appearancing on drawing a line
That line!

Thats it for now for 99, will post the rest later.

This is my attempt at doing something different, more calculated acrylic and colour wise.
flo doing the black fills/background for me
Masking in the diamonds
Acrylic fills making the shapes pop, not quite the look im after though

Acyrlics and some spray once again to create the girl + helmet. Me also looking super phased.
So yeah that’s it for now, will post up more images and “behind the scenes” soon!

More Bull

So Redbull released slightly more legit photos from last weeks festivities, hopefully they present a better scope of the crowd/size. I think these are a mix taken by photographer of the night Ashley Mar and my buddy Josh.
Lastly thanks to all the goonsquad from my end who came out to purely show love and support

So quickly off the top of my head – The Notorious Phyllis, Andrew the Bear, Keno, Borrott, AnT, Viv, Indy, Kabir, Lisa, M Hail Yeezy, Paul, Charis, Evelyn, Ben, Josh, Tim, Grace, Jinman, Michael, Brendan, Dale, Sam and Billy