Smoke & Mirrors

More progress photos…

Garage daze

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On a side note, made about 50 – 60 copies of my first real sketch zine – “Palm Reader”, that was given out for the night. If anyone missed out, give me a shout and i’ll hook you up with a copy ūüôā

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Finally, on a random point Ice coffee is the best drink known to man. This is the best store bought coffee, super rare but go get it if you can find it!




Behind the music

Before the exhibition we had roughly 2 weeks to come up with all of the artworks. I often wonder how artists go from nothing to a full coloured artwork on canvas. Well here it is my version of “behind the scenes” to give you some insight and all of my *cough* “secrets” revealed. Yes it is that easy! you can do this too
with the power of dodgy cameras, fist fights and sleepless nights this what we came up with…

Ive had this massive canvas (maybe 1m x 1.5mish) lying around the house for roughly 2 years, unfinished with the word East, a tiger face and some random bird chilling around. When I started this thing I really like the way the tiger turned out so i swore not to touch it until i thought of something cool……..that never happened.
Well when this exhibition rolled around I knew i needed one giant confronting piece as an ode to Japan and canvas’ of that size are hard to find. So It had to be done, sprayed over as a fresh slate I unintentionally recreated steamed hams and the Aurora Borealis. check it.
What an awkward bird haha
yee ?they? east

Working against the car is rough, I need an easel stat.
Also Danny guest appearancing on drawing a line
That line!

Thats it for now for 99, will post the rest later.

This is my attempt at doing something different, more calculated acrylic and colour wise.
flo doing the black fills/background for me
Masking in the diamonds
Acrylic fills making the shapes pop, not quite the look im after though

Acyrlics and some spray once again to create the girl + helmet. Me also looking super phased.
So yeah that’s it for now, will post up more images and “behind the scenes” soon!

3 The Hard Way

So on Thursday all it went down, the first real solo exhibition for Andrew, Timbo and I.
Thanks to those that came, dropped in or soldiered on for the whole night. All is very much appreciated and the support was definetly felt.

BIG thanks goes to Vibewire, Sabrina, Borrott, Dori and Charlie Fung for helping us set up and get everything in order, all the peeps that reblogged/spammed/hustled our promos all over the internets and Jinman for laying down the beats for a good 3 hours. Final thanks to Tim who bascially curated/orchestrated the whole exhibit and Andrew for putting in the hard yards and pumping out dope works.

So Ive avoided blogging progress of the works to “suprise” people, but here they are. Will probably¬†post some¬†behind the scenes stuff¬†throughout the week but for the mean time here are some snaps of the works on the night, mostly jacked¬†courtesy of¬†Mikey Dees blog.

3 Different artists – 3 different styles


Insane intricate gouche work, the level of detail was amazing. To the applause of many fiends (Diana, Kayo) that 20 looked real! haha


Staying true to the “family” roots, Andrew worked on a series of black ink illustrations¬†Americana style with a bit of jap thrown in for good measure.


Since Andrew had black and white covered, I tried to go back and experiment with a large scale acrylic/spray style that I used to work with a few years back. It feels good to paint again after so much straight ink work.

There were a few more artworks from each of us on display but il post them up later as better quality versions/more photos are uploaded from the night.
For the mean time this is the first set via Timbo:

Great night, great company, great vibe. A fun night, definetly keen for another collaboration/show!

*BONUS* here is a litte interview the 3 of us conducted for Vibewire, read if you dare…

If you weren’t able to come to opening night the exhibition will be open for the next 2 weeks I believe from 10-6 Monday to Friday.

First song Jinman spun, how fitting

Building Blocks

drawing, drawing, drawing
painting, painting, painting
Story for the week. All 3 of us are going hard for this exhibition so expect some good stuff.

People keep asking, “Hey man what’s “3 The Hard Way” mean?”
Well more or less its a cliche used to describe a group of 3. kind of like..

or maybe even these 3 familiar delinquents

But originally¬†this term started from an early 70’s ¬†blaxploitation flim about 3 pimps…… suiting

Whats the theme of the gallery?
“3 The Hard Way is an exhibition of 3 emerging artists from Sydney. A display of different styles and techniques brought together with several things in common.”

In my mind, although all 3 of us share different styles and strengths, what connects us is our area. Because of this¬†the 3 of us share similar upbringings and common¬†interests.This will hopefully be an exhibition to show the talent of our area (where there’s not many) and also to expose our people to this kind of world.
As Tim said, its “For the homies”. With Jay on the decks aswell,¬†I couldnt ask for a¬†better exhibition.

BAM! be there!
this is the facespace link if your havent clicked it already

speaking of groups of 3:

The Hardest Way

So here it is:
3 The Hard Way
Featuring Me, Timbo Р & Big Andy

As well as the artworks themselves, were all selling a bit of merch and prints for cheap so come in early and cop some!

Also featuring JK. Rollin’ on the¬†1’s and 2’s¬†supplying the¬†night’s tunes

Be There!