Been busy working on illustration jobs through Babekuhl aswell as other clients.
Switching styles, going out of the comfort zone.

Some large rice paper prints made to be put up at the soon-to-be-opened “ipot restaurant” across the road opposite Meet Fresh in Chinatown. All works were loosely based around the famous Chinese artwork, “across the MingQing”.
So come down, grab a feed and one of those slimy Taiwanese desserts afterwards.

Drew the little repeated icons for the cover of Concrete Playground’s guide to Summer….even though it is over, this can still be purchased from the website in digital or hardcover versions.

Some draft logo work for band Apparitions of Null

The newest stuff ive been working on. Illustrations for furniture brand Pacific Green and their upcoming collection/tradeshow/catalogue. The concept behind these were to look almost like explorer sketches with the notion of travel in the 40’s. Stepping away from the brush, it was fun to try some cross hatching and lines I usually wouldnt do. Some exciting stuff coming from this project, most are still work in progress…
finally some personal stuff i’ve been working on. W.I.P…
Thats it for now,
open for freelance illustration work !

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