All Canines

Some topical sketches I did last week while minding the gallery
Thanks to those who visited the gallery during those following days!

Black Book

I picked up a new A5 sketch book for quick, on-the-fly drawings to keep with me on the reg. Hopefully this will keep things random and fresh, prepping for the “good stuff”.
Here are some things that have resulted so far. (click to enlarge)


Been busy working on illustration jobs through Babekuhl aswell as other clients.
Switching styles, going out of the comfort zone.

Some large rice paper prints made to be put up at the soon-to-be-opened “ipot restaurant” across the road opposite Meet Fresh in Chinatown. All works were loosely based around the famous Chinese artwork, “across the MingQing”.
So come down, grab a feed and one of those slimy Taiwanese desserts afterwards.

Drew the little repeated icons for the cover of Concrete Playground’s guide to Summer….even though it is over, this can still be purchased from the website in digital or hardcover versions.

Some draft logo work for band Apparitions of Null

The newest stuff ive been working on. Illustrations for furniture brand Pacific Green and their upcoming collection/tradeshow/catalogue. The concept behind these were to look almost like explorer sketches with the notion of travel in the 40’s. Stepping away from the brush, it was fun to try some cross hatching and lines I usually wouldnt do. Some exciting stuff coming from this project, most are still work in progress…
finally some personal stuff i’ve been working on. W.I.P…
Thats it for now,
open for freelance illustration work !

Do Over

So I decided to re-do that piece i was working on before

I ended up working on it half way and gave up, just wasnt feeling it at all

will pump out a new pin-up gal soon..
in the meantime here are some biro sketches I did at work and next lvl’d through the magic of photoshops

Biro’s great, creates a new style altogether

Art Skool

4 years down! had my final day of our beloved COFAs, what a love/hate relationship that was. Bittersweet overall it will be missed thanks to the great people + great times.
That leaves roughly 2 and half weeks until my major project is due followed shortly by the COFA Annual in which all of the grads will be exhibiting in.
heres the facespace link. come all you arty men/womens!

In celebration here are some more old “comic scene” drawings I found lying around!
here are some marvel drawings i did like in June/July when the barrage of comic movies/remakes started. No matter how exhausting the ongoing release of these movies are, my inner geek will always get geed.

With these I tried to keep true to a traditional Romita steez of inking/drawing but got ceebs halfway through.

Here is some simple line work I did for Babekuhl and the upcoming “Kids Day Out” event. Pat did the fills and pretty much everything else
Everyone best check out Rolls On Oxford at Taylor Square and their foot long viet rolls. Hit up the Chicken Roll, fresh as 🙂

Funny Pages

Working on a comic is generally ceebs/needs lots of effort and dedication.Growing up I loved comics, Japanese or Western. My favourite characters were Spawn and Spiderman espeically when done by dudes like Jim Lee or Todd McFarlane. As illustrators comic book artists are greatly underrated, the hustle of pumping 30+ pages per month is amazing. I owe like 90% of my style to those artists comibined with all of the Jap stuff.

When drawing a comic people usually read a script and think, “wow that part would be sick to draw!” but you never think about the “filler” moments
eg. heavy conversation between 2 characters over coffee for like 3 pages…
In these moments readers are usually dedicated to the words with the drawings in these parts being an afterthought. So I thought, wouldnt it be cool If i draw only the “cool” moments

So In short over the last couple of months ive been working on a series of random “scenes” from comics, for the reader to make up the story themselves. I might release them all collected as a zine but mostly, this was all an old idea I had that I wanted to sketch out for my own sanity…. sometimes you gotta do things for the love of it right?
Anyways here are a few, ill upload more soon, enjoy!

this one below is probably one of the worst things ive ever drawn haha. I did this like a year ago as a serious attempt for a full length comic, I thought id throw it up for the lols/timbo


Pick up a comic and read/look!