The Roost Creative presents – “SUPER”

In July I took place in the “Super” exhibition hosted by The Roost Creative. The Show was held at Curve Gallery, Newcastle. Conceptually we were to interpret a comic book hero with no two artists working on the same character. I decided to chose Todd McFarlane’s Spawn, a childhood favourite and iconic anti-hero. In my work I wanted to his convey his dominance in the 90’s not only from an Independent publishing stand point but also through the success of McFarlane toys & figurines. 1016692_599916733374639_2065416990_ntumblr_mqoti4dSnI1rv39spo2_500 tumblr_mqoti4dSnI1rv39spo1_1280supercurve011 supercurve015


Thanks to everyone who came by and visited my table at Free comic Book Day/Kinokuniya! Lovely to meet you all and a big thanks to everyone who bought the zine!
If you missed out i’ll be pressing more in a few weeks for MCA Zine Fair.
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Pacific Green

Some illustration work for furniture company Pacific Green. The Concept of the collection was “Transcontinental Masterpieces”, reflecting on an era of cultural exoticism and trade. The work was later blown up and showcased within light boxes to accompany the furniture at trade shows in High Point, North Carolina and Shanghai.

pacificgreen_sketch_egypt pacificgreen_england pacificgreen_transcontinentalpacificgreen_machuPacificgreen_shanghai_1 Pacificgreen_shanghai_3 Pacificgreen_shanghai_5