All Canines

Some topical sketches I did last week while minding the gallery
Thanks to those who visited the gallery during those following days!


Why Kaiju? We both mutually thought it was something cool that hasn’t really been done in Sydney especially from a full illustrated standpoint. We both share common love and influence from that side of the East, so stepping out as a collaborative force we thought it would be the perfect fit.

From the onset while planning the gallery with Gerald, we knew we wanted to go big, loud and colourful. Gerald’s art before this point was all precise and detailed black and white ink work so it was a big jump out of his comfort zone to go into large scale canvas colour.
Check out his works over at his fb page.

Kaiju themselves aren’t really bad nor good. As opposed to Western monsters they are strictly born to fight and most of the time born to lose. They come in wacky shapes, sizes, colours from menacing to just plain goofy. The creative freedom is pretty much limitless.
With my Kaiju I wanted to draw influence from the “boss” monsters. The guys that would typically fight at the end of a long battle. I knew Gerald was going to infuse a more classic Kaiju look as well as act as an extension of his “Rhombians” so I wanted to go a bit left field by playing with pattern and other cultural influences.

120 x 90cm
Mixed Media

’99 Chambers’
90 x 120cm
Mixed Media

90 x 120cm
Mixed Media

‘Nigo Owes me a Hundred Favours’
90 x 120cm
Mixed Media


Bundle Up

Ive changed my socks like 20 times this week and its only Wednesday, what’s going on  with this weather? On the positive side being washed in at home forces you to do more work.

more kaiju, more eyes


So I saw Prometheus and left confused. I mean the graphics and design were second to none and there was enough meat there to geek out on, but alot of open ended questions and pointless characters. Good to see big budget Geiger stuff on screen once again though especially the full space jockey armour. Magneto killed it as usual.
On a similar note be sure to check out Sunshine if you haven’t seen it already. A personal favourite from a few years back, it is also a good example of a modern sci-fi done right (the first half at least) and I think many slept on it.


Its been nearly a year since we went and I still feel I havent done the great trip justice in terms of making something “creative” out of it. I did a few sketches of people and places earlier this year but still feel I need to do more. Maybe even go back and mess with a more tradtional style like I used to.

Anyways I saw these videos recently and they really took me back

A POV through Tokyo and its districts – Harajuku, Shibuya etc. complete with cheesy Jap semi-dance song. So go ahead and zone out to the pretty lightsss

This band is super light and happy. We first discovered them while trolling through an Arcade playing this new dance game. Their song was bumping and instantly got stuck in our memory banks, ask Ant he’ll tell you!
good times

be sucked in by the *happinesssss*

Tokyo Rising with Pharrell Williams

A nice watch if you have some spare time. Everyones favourite resident “skateboarder” goes through post earthquake Japan. Guest appearences by Verbal and some other Jap creatives acting cool. good stuff


the bosses of all bosses of the Jap Music industry, literally everywhere. nuff said.

Finally here are some more sketches from the zine to those who missed out: