Its been nearly a year since we went and I still feel I havent done the great trip justice in terms of making something “creative” out of it. I did a few sketches of people and places earlier this year but still feel I need to do more. Maybe even go back and mess with a more tradtional style like I used to.

Anyways I saw these videos recently and they really took me back

A POV through Tokyo and its districts – Harajuku, Shibuya etc. complete with cheesy Jap semi-dance song. So go ahead and zone out to the pretty lightsss

This band is super light and happy. We first discovered them while trolling through an Arcade playing this new dance game. Their song was bumping and instantly got stuck in our memory banks, ask Ant he’ll tell you!
good times

be sucked in by the *happinesssss*

Tokyo Rising with Pharrell Williams

A nice watch if you have some spare time. Everyones favourite resident “skateboarder” goes through post earthquake Japan. Guest appearences by Verbal and some other Jap creatives acting cool. good stuff


the bosses of all bosses of the Jap Music industry, literally everywhere. nuff said.

Finally here are some more sketches from the zine to those who missed out:


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