Big Thanks to everyone who came: friends old, young, new, hairy, kaiju extremists etc! Gerald & I had a ball and I hope you guys enjoyed the work as much as we enjoyed making it. A special thanks goes out to Qwux, Chris, Sarah and Phyllis for helping us bump in and get everything ready. Here are some shots from the night taken by Qwux and Lisa.
A more comprehensive write up can be found on the Rah Collective website.

3 thoughts on “VERSUS THE CITY – Recap

  1. Oh that’s really cool. For the reocrd, there were two Godzilla vs King Kong movies made at the same time. One made in the US and one made in Japan. In the US version, King Kong wins and in the Japanese version Godzilla wins. 0__0[]James Ronald Lo Reply:June 21st, 2011 at 6:55 pmThanks for the info![]

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