Building Blocks

drawing, drawing, drawing
painting, painting, painting
Story for the week. All 3 of us are going hard for this exhibition so expect some good stuff.

People keep asking, “Hey man what’s “3 The Hard Way” mean?”
Well more or less its a cliche used to describe a group of 3. kind of like..

or maybe even these 3 familiar delinquents

But originally this term started from an early 70’s  blaxploitation flim about 3 pimps…… suiting

Whats the theme of the gallery?
“3 The Hard Way is an exhibition of 3 emerging artists from Sydney. A display of different styles and techniques brought together with several things in common.”

In my mind, although all 3 of us share different styles and strengths, what connects us is our area. Because of this the 3 of us share similar upbringings and common interests.This will hopefully be an exhibition to show the talent of our area (where there’s not many) and also to expose our people to this kind of world.
As Tim said, its “For the homies”. With Jay on the decks aswell, I couldnt ask for a better exhibition.

BAM! be there!
this is the facespace link if your havent clicked it already

speaking of groups of 3:

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