So a couple of days ago I was rostered to do a live art piece as one of the featured artists for the 1st Aus Open of Surfing event on Manly beach. Asked and accepted literally hours before painting, this is what I came up with…..

Props to Cam Wall for hooking me up aswell as setting up the whole artistic aspect of the event. The event goes on for a few more days with a different artist each day painting a different segment of the wall. Afterwards the wall and a customized surfboard by each artist (including myself) gets sold and donated to charity. So be sure to head down and check out the event. They even built a bowl with a mini skate comp featuring your boy of THPS2 fame, Bob Burnquist.

Cam working the next day

I started at 11 and was supposed to go on till 6/7ish but due to the thunderstorm the event got washed out after 4 hours. Im planning to head down another day this week to finish up the charity board and maybe do more to the wall.
There is also a competition through instagram (#AUSopenofsurf) which you can learn details about here. The most popular (or something) photo wins any segment of the wall of choice. I jumped on to suss it out and this was my personal favourite


4 thoughts on “Zoey

  1. Ha! Stark sounds like a funny guy. I haven’t read the House of Night seires yet, but I’ve been wanting too. And Jeremy Stumper is such a little cutie pie. 🙂

    1. hi my b day is march31 2003 i cant wait till march so i can get a lap top and get a face book and instagrahm hahhahaa sorry if i am braggin to much sorry my favorite animal is a penguin and cats and also my favorite color is light blue and pple also i love one direction my name is jennah najjar

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