So a couple of days ago I was rostered to do a live art piece as one of the featured artists for the 1st Aus Open of Surfing event on Manly beach. Asked and accepted literally hours before painting, this is what I came up with…..

Props to Cam Wall for hooking me up aswell as setting up the whole artistic aspect of the event. The event goes on for a few more days with a different artist each day painting a different segment of the wall. Afterwards the wall and a customized surfboard by each artist (including myself) gets sold and donated to charity. So be sure to head down and check out the event. They even built a bowl with a mini skate comp featuring your boy of THPS2 fame, Bob Burnquist.

Cam working the next day

I started at 11 and was supposed to go on till 6/7ish but due to the thunderstorm the event got washed out after 4 hours. Im planning to head down another day this week to finish up the charity board and maybe do more to the wall.
There is also a competition through instagram (#AUSopenofsurf) which you can learn details about here. The most popular (or something) photo wins any segment of the wall of choice. I jumped on to suss it out and this was my personal favourite


More Bull

So Redbull released slightly more legit photos from last weeks festivities, hopefully they present a better scope of the crowd/size. I think these are a mix taken by photographer of the night Ashley Mar and my buddy Josh.
Lastly thanks to all the goonsquad from my end who came out to purely show love and support

So quickly off the top of my head – The Notorious Phyllis, Andrew the Bear, Keno, Borrott, AnT, Viv, Indy, Kabir, Lisa, M Hail Yeezy, Paul, Charis, Evelyn, Ben, Josh, Tim, Grace, Jinman, Michael, Brendan, Dale, Sam and Billy