One Track Mind

If ive seen you in the last 2 weeks you probably know by now, but for others Tim, Andrew & I are having our first art exhibition opening on Thursday September 15. So make sure you clear that date and try to be there! More details/location to come as we finalize everything, but its in just under two weeks. Shout out to Sabrina for hooking us up!

With a week break starting next week, i’ve begun prepping some works/merch for it. With a beautiful sunny Friday, it was good weather to set up shop and paint.

My padawan Ant came over and worked on his infinite triangle

Spring daze

going hard in the paint

Illuminati Style, he deed it. Andrew dying in the background, did I mention he’s also exhibiting too? should be very interesting.

I dont want to give away too much yet in terms of progress on my works, but heres a small taste.

props to Flo for hooking up the undercoat and putting in that slave work. Nice drawing of Charles, not too sure who that hairy asian gameshow host on the far left is though.

So with these new works I want want to try some styles I havent done before hopefully suprising people who are familiar with my stuff. But anyways, If all goes to plan i’ll be selling a zine and some big posters for cheap $$$. All content in that should be new and not anywhere on the interwebz yet (mostly because Ive barely started It).

So full colour and large scale. Im a short dude, but this thing still clowns me height wise.

and heres a taste of some new zine material… girls+helmets+space

One thought on “One Track Mind

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