Never Not Working

Been crazy busy. Its funny how I went through a mad “dry” period during Summer holidays when I had plenty of time but not much work. Now, back at “final” sem and oppuruntites for art are coming literally out of nowhere. Let the juggling games begin. August will be a fun? month.

Firstly id like to invite all you guys to come watch me and Cam “Fingaz” Wall paint up live at The Argyle, in the Rocks this Thursday the 11th as part of Red Bull’s “curates Ar(t)gyle” exhibition. Its to be held every Thursday in August with 2 artists drawing against eachother. 3 hour drawing time from 6-9. So come down, have a drink and watch some dope speed art. Would love to see you all there. Props to Cam for putting me on and getting me listed as an artist.

here are some snaps from last week’s draw-off

Some stuff ive been working on for next, next thursdays exhibition. Forgive the quality, crackberry at its finest…
ive drawn birds for most of my friends as gifts, i can draw these with my eyes closed now.

Progress on my Eskimo lady, pretty much done. Will get better quality pics once i get these industrially scanned or DSLR’d (thankfully everyone has one).

gutted we missed out on Wu-Tang this time, and Method-man again…

5 thoughts on “Never Not Working

  1. Wish I could come to the graf battle def come by after and see the final product.

    p.s. getting into frank ocean got songs for women on repeat in the store.

  2. defs, will set up a drawing sesh or chill after all these big weeks are over.
    would love to live nyc man, i think andrew is contemplating it

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