Redbull: Ar(t)gyle 2

Late Notice, but after the success of last year’s event I’m back again painting live at the Argyle. Tomorrow October 18 starting at 7.
So yeah come for some drinks and chill, i’ll be there with artist Cam Wall doing our thing.

1 time for the city, 2 times for you

Thursday was the last and closing week of the Redbull Ar(t)gyle comp with the final draw-off round and the winner announced. Im happy to say that Ollie West took it with some sick ink work and concept. check it.

Dude absolutely killed it also taking a subtle jab at the corporate peeps surrounding the area, nicely done!
All the artists showed up for the final week and chilled out, which eventually turned into a big party. Great experience meeting these talented guys, hopefully more work/projects with these guys in the future.
It was also cool to see all the pieces standing next to eachother from each artist featuring a different style or skill background (graff, illustration, ink etc.)
Imagine Oceans Eleven with the team’s individual skillsets except everyone has a beard or some kind of facial growth. Cam would be Danny Ocean, i’d be Burney Mac/Don Cheadle or some other redundant character. Anyways here are some more snaps from the night taken by Ashley, credits to Redbull, Argyle etc.

So I think the piece will be on display as part of Redbull’s gallery for a month or two, then it is ours to sell/keep. Anyone keen? haha

Kendrick’s section 80 is actually pretty dope. I slept on it hard and didnt really like him when his mixtapes were out but yeah, this album takes it. Defs cop!

More Bull

So Redbull released slightly more legit photos from last weeks festivities, hopefully they present a better scope of the crowd/size. I think these are a mix taken by photographer of the night Ashley Mar and my buddy Josh.
Lastly thanks to all the goonsquad from my end who came out to purely show love and support

So quickly off the top of my head – The Notorious Phyllis, Andrew the Bear, Keno, Borrott, AnT, Viv, Indy, Kabir, Lisa, M Hail Yeezy, Paul, Charis, Evelyn, Ben, Josh, Tim, Grace, Jinman, Michael, Brendan, Dale, Sam and Billy