Crab Shack

A few weeks ago Cam Wall and I did a mural for Eat Art Truck and their newly opened sit down venue, Truckstop.

The theme was “Creole Cookout” – A fusion between Southern soul food and traditional Japanese. The concept of the mural was to depict two giant sized god-zilla/kaiju shellfish. This is what we came up with.

In other news I’m selling off some old sketches and oldies for cheap $$$. Some other good friends and great artists are involved too. Drop by If you’re free. December 5th!

The Funeral

Honored to be included with my favourite Sydney based illustrators.
This Thursday, make sure you make it to this one!

Each with their own take on hyper-detailed mythic urban-surrealism, Sydney-based illustrators James Jirat Patradoon, Gerald Leung, Jin Hien Lau, and Chris Yee exhibit together for the first time in Hyperion Funeral, a group show at Books Kinokuniya, where most of them spend their time.

Opening Reception:

Thursday November 15th

6pm – 9pm

Runs till November 27th

Wedge Gallery, Books Kinokuniya

The Galeries Victoria

500 George Street



I had the “Fuck you I am” exhibition and the “Jurassic Lounge” exhibition only days apart, so for those keeping track I decided to theme the works so they worked together collectively.

Jurassic Lounge

30th of October @The Australian Museum
All Paintings are acrylic on canvas

“Golden Girl”




l sat a quick interview before the event which can be found here.

Fuck You I Am

All  artists were asked to paint over vintage materials to bring “new life” and reinterprut meanings behind them.

“Home Invasion”

“Lurkers Only”

“Turf War”

Unfortunately I couldn’t make it to the opening, but you can find coverage and media here.
The whole set up revamping the old espionage looked great! Props to Faz and the good people at kindof- gallery

FY – i am: Event One from The Stylemologyst on Vimeo.

Redbull: Ar(t)gyle 2

Late Notice, but after the success of last year’s event I’m back again painting live at the Argyle. Tomorrow October 18 starting at 7.
So yeah come for some drinks and chill, i’ll be there with artist Cam Wall doing our thing.


Why Kaiju? We both mutually thought it was something cool that hasn’t really been done in Sydney especially from a full illustrated standpoint. We both share common love and influence from that side of the East, so stepping out as a collaborative force we thought it would be the perfect fit.

From the onset while planning the gallery with Gerald, we knew we wanted to go big, loud and colourful. Gerald’s art before this point was all precise and detailed black and white ink work so it was a big jump out of his comfort zone to go into large scale canvas colour.
Check out his works over at his fb page.

Kaiju themselves aren’t really bad nor good. As opposed to Western monsters they are strictly born to fight and most of the time born to lose. They come in wacky shapes, sizes, colours from menacing to just plain goofy. The creative freedom is pretty much limitless.
With my Kaiju I wanted to draw influence from the “boss” monsters. The guys that would typically fight at the end of a long battle. I knew Gerald was going to infuse a more classic Kaiju look as well as act as an extension of his “Rhombians” so I wanted to go a bit left field by playing with pattern and other cultural influences.

120 x 90cm
Mixed Media

’99 Chambers’
90 x 120cm
Mixed Media

90 x 120cm
Mixed Media

‘Nigo Owes me a Hundred Favours’
90 x 120cm
Mixed Media