LNY2020 at the Galeries, Sydney

LNY2020 Year of the Rat Campaign
Artist/Animation: Chris Yee
Producers: Andpeople Australia, Alexander Wu-Kim
Video: Benjimin Bock & Darren Luk
Words and writing: Andrew Yee

Modern Interpretation of the 12 Lunar Calendar Zodiacs for the Galeries, Sydney Australia. Hung Tapestries, Animated screens and printed vinyls.

HERO_IMAGE copy copy.jpg

LNY2020 at the Galeries Part 1

LNY2020 at the Galeries Part 2





DSC09994 copy.jpg

BTS Campaign studio shots by Darren Luk


Press Opening Day – photos by Sally Emily, hosted by guest Jaguar Jonze1P9A00631P9A0115




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