Menace Opening Night

Thanks to Faz, Claire and the good people at kindof- gallery, had a blast!

We opened ‘Menace’ by Chirs Yee last Wednesday, complete with under cover cops and our biggest crowd for the year.
Amazing work Chris, thanks for working so well with us you’ve been a delight holmes!

Sponsored by Magners Cider.
Photos by Huon Lui and Alex Floré

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DIK_0012 DIK_0051 DIK_0017 DIK_0014 DIK_0013IMG_3286071113 IMG_3273071113 IMG_3269071113 IMG_3262071113 IMG_3256071113 IMG_3254071113 IMG_3252071113 IMG_3250071113 IMG_3247071113 DIK_0092 DIK_0066 DIK_0055 DIK_0053 DIK_0045 DIK_0037 DIK_0026 DIK_0024 DIK_0022 DIK_0011 DIK_0006

One thought on “Menace Opening Night

  1. Hi Chris,What an amazing blog !The reeipcs are mouth-watering, the pictures are stunning and the writing simply beautiful.Thank you very much for liking my very humble and somehow scattered blog.I am looking forward to reading new posts from yours.Kind regards,PCK

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