The Luminiferous Aether – VIVID 2013

It was an honor this year to take part in VIVID 2013 as a featured light artist.
Art Directed and Conceptualized by Jonathan Verzosa & Amy Yongsiri – collaborative additional illustration by myself & Andrew Yee.

After VIVID ended there was extended showcase of the work at He Made She Made Gallery, Oxford St.

Shown as part of Vivid Sydney 2013, The Luminiferous Aether is an illuminated mural based on a Thai folk tale about how the moon came into being; a love story between the sun king and a beautiful princess, and how the stars arranged their happiness.

The title, The Luminiferous Aether, is taken from a scientific term that was used in the 19th century to describe the substance which was believed to allow light to travel through space. The mural is intended to be that medium through which light, in a metaphorical and physical sense, travels to the audience.

tumblr_mpuoudS1oH1rv39spo3_1280 Screen-Shot-2013-07-15-at-11.00.35-AM tumblr_mpuoudS1oH1rv39spo1_1280 tumblr_mpuoudS1oH1rv39spo2_1280970975_356700281100019_446484811_n 995110_356700637766650_2025110994_n  264885_356702847766429_1684884759_ntumblr_mq33sfBX1V1rv39spo1_1280“Plaything”, acrylic on canvas

One thought on “The Luminiferous Aether – VIVID 2013

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