Long time no see…
Merry X-mas/Happy Holidays to all! Been busy with things not related to arty things, but will be back in full swing Jan 2012. Until then i’ll serve you up some sweet filler…

Well to wrap where I last left off, Babekuhl’s Techno-Colour Party went down.
Great turnout, free booze/food, amazing works. What more could you ask for on a Wednesday Night. Thanks to everyone that came out and showed some love, also props to that mexican Andrew for luckily winning the custom kicks (this was not rigged, I swear!).

Here are some photos from the night thanks to Everguide

Overall a really great year at Babekuhl with bigger things already planned for 2012.
Lastly a big thanks to the boys for having me and teaching me the ropes throughout the year. As a gift I painted my version of their “Babu-Cloud” character.

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