Tiger Translate

Roughly Two weeks ago the Babekuhl Boys and I were chosen to “battle” The Singapore creative collective Momorobo for Tiger Beer’s “Tiger Translate” event. As part of the entertainment they also had Beastman doing his thing at the front as well as a female Korean Graff artist Junkhouse to put some work in. Overall a good event with free booze, the crowd was mostly associated press and invite-only’s.

Photos taken by Tiger:

With our “battle”, instead of painting a traditional live piece we participated in “projector ping pong”. More or less it ended up with us doodling on transparencies, taking turns as teams which was then eventually projected against a wall for onlookers to see. Downing beers drawing whatever came to mind. No pressure just good times, mega chilled.

Our cheesy team photo yo

It was a pleasure to meet and chill with Momorobo. Nice guys with extremely slick work, be sure to hit up their website.
Pat later scanned the pieces and pieced them together as a digital collage
For a more detailed look at the event/art check out the babekuhl blog

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