Smiths Chups

Babekuhl Mondaze

Started the day with a greasy suprise. After the boys worked on the redesign of Smith’s Corporate site  we were welcomed with racks on racks of various chips as a gift of fiendish proportions. Straight up there were like 200 packs, which shortly led to the itis. Well I did at least. Anyways here are some crackberry snaps…
Just like being at home, oh the flaccidness…
what am I working on?
Bam! Concept for a new mural or artwork for an upcoming restaurant. My take on the classic chinese painting, “Across the Ming”.

Also elaborating from the last post, the Bill and Toni’s burger day has been postponed till next Wednesday but we’re already hard at work prepping for it (visually). It will be a German themed burger so for the serving boxes Im personally handstyling up on each individual box. I hope you guys appreciate this! 2 down, 48 to go…

Its hard to find time to zone out and do my own stuff with all this uni work/art things going on, but luckily I was able to fit in 2 pieces/sketches
After an average day of cofa Magda and I peeped in Deus gallery for the new typography exhibition. Man was it good, I actually got inspired, enough to whip out this piece while at Eastwood’s very own – Homers (sigh).

While at Eastwood we stubbled upon this fluffy dog. No joke I swear it was the fluffiest thing ive ever seen (more than Tokimonsta or a fluffy bean bag). It looked like a polar bear combined with a sheep.
We went up to touch it to see if it was meaty or just really furry, I am proud to say it was both. It even shook hands and understood its Cantonese master, the Pokemon concept is surely coming true.

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