Surf, bro.

Went back to Manly to finish off work on the surfboard. At the end of the event all boards get auctioned off with all proceeds going to charity (??)
Here are some instagram photos as part of the comp. Will try to upload more as I take better quality juans.

I put up a request line online as well as passerbys for things to draw as I had no real plans, just to fill it up. These are the things that made the cut:
Ham, dragon, demon, chicken drumsticks, supreme kid, surfboard, waves, lotus, chrysanthemum, rose, pac man, macho man randy savage, babucloud, nate dogg, slug lyf, cam wall, kyss, switch blade, AnT, 40 oz, Buddha, clouds, smoke, moon, fringe girl, asian girl, 23, A.H., Asian girl, Bonsai, Homer-Fish, mountain, Backpack, SLU, cat, kitten, tiger, fish, train, spray paint, wu-tang, A$AP, Wu Tang, YYY, Yee, Shark, burger. fries, chips, turntable, 1979, spiderman, wolf, palm tree, treasure, diamond, lightning, Norwegian wood, mickey hand, lucky cat, paper plane