Im so Uptown

Last Thursday was the RAH opening/exhibition featuring the book and works of the collective and some of the featured artists. Overall a really swell night with our crew repping the only way we know how (refer to photos). Shout outs to the whole of the RAH collective and Qwux for being an overall top dude and doing a great job. Also shouts to the DJ for playing “Pony” by request following with “Bad Boys 4 life”. I never thought Id hear that song out loud past 2002 let alone in an art gallery, I guess dreams do come true….
P.diddy and the bad boy familyProps to Ant for rocking the tiger camo by request. Short to say the beast was unleashed,
“Noa”, My expensive girl

Theres a gang of pictures as thankfully everyone has a DSLr, so as opposed to reposting I will link them all here. For coverage goto the Usual Suspects:
Mr Ree
Mr 400
Mr Rah Collective

As always, Big thanks to everyone for coming/supporting!

Good Things

Week 2 of semester already. Well here it is, poster for the book release

So opening night is at Ambush Gallery, 4a James St Waterloo
August 18, 6pm

Feel free to come along and support, will appreciate it!
for you facebook fiends here is a link to the event

On a random note just spent/wasted a good 2 days watching HBO’s Game Of Thrones. Hardout medieval drama isnt usually my cup of tea but with all the hype, recommendations and advertising behind it I had to check it out. Full of very well developed characters, high budget and goriness every ep with main characters killed off when you least expect it. Think Sopranos mixed with Lord of the Rings. Good good stuff featuring full beards and Sean Bean acting like a gangsta Aragon, definitely check it out.

Dont get me wrong though, still got a full workload & another ‘exciting’ week of major project to come