Surf, bro.

Went back to Manly to finish off work on the surfboard. At the end of the event all boards get auctioned off with all proceeds going to charity (??)
Here are some instagram photos as part of the comp. Will try to upload more as I take better quality juans.

I put up a request line online as well as passerbys for things to draw as I had no real plans, just to fill it up. These are the things that made the cut:
Ham, dragon, demon, chicken drumsticks, supreme kid, surfboard, waves, lotus, chrysanthemum, rose, pac man, macho man randy savage, babucloud, nate dogg, slug lyf, cam wall, kyss, switch blade, AnT, 40 oz, Buddha, clouds, smoke, moon, fringe girl, asian girl, 23, A.H., Asian girl, Bonsai, Homer-Fish, mountain, Backpack, SLU, cat, kitten, tiger, fish, train, spray paint, wu-tang, A$AP, Wu Tang, YYY, Yee, Shark, burger. fries, chips, turntable, 1979, spiderman, wolf, palm tree, treasure, diamond, lightning, Norwegian wood, mickey hand, lucky cat, paper plane

Palm Reader

So went on an Eastwood adventure with Timbo to drop off my finished artworks to qwux for the Rah book release on Thursday. Also got a copy of the book and man does it look sweet. A quick preview, check it….
My Spread & questionnaire bit

your boy Timothys’ quirky character

A re-up of the “anatomy” sketch i did before, to be sold and exhibited on the night. In the business of selling, im currently pricing all of the pieces. So on the night be sure to pick up a copy of the book, they’re going for a solid $30, with a hand numbered copy out of a limited 500. Dont Sleep!


Smokin’ Cubanos with Castro in Cabanas

My redbull round is over !
Thanks to all the peeps that came through to show support/help drink that fridge of redbull!
Especially the uni people i haven’t seen thanks for coming, a proper catch up when im not “working” is needed! Also big thanks goes to Cam for setting up the event and jamming with me, you killed it man.
So there are two more rounds left, please go check it out next Thursday and support the boys. The next Thursday after is the finals where all the competitors return and the “winner” is chosen, so yeah best be there for that especially, it will be b.i.g!

So when we first got there the canvas was way bigger than we thought. It was roughly 1.5m x 1m with a total of 3 hours to cover it all, also seeing the competition from last week Cam and I had a lot to live up to. The piece had to incorporate the theme of “the rocks” somewhere, open to interpretation with no aerosols allowed. Crazy nervs for like the first 10 minutes, the rest we were on autopilot. For my piece I used ink wash, poscas and acrylic for the background. check it out….
( props to all the random mobile phones that helped make this post 🙂 )

So this is the photo that RedBull rolled with for the website, At least the Wu is up in there.