Been away for a bit but I think it’s time to jump back on this blogging bandwagon again…
Whats been doing? A few things, its most art-schools graduate show season so theres been plenty of free booze and opening nights, including my own. I’ll cover this all on a later post.

But from where I left off…
2 weeks ago it was the Pin-Up Parlor show/exhibition at the Backroom in the Cross.
Cool people, Nice works, Great performances. Hats off to Gigi Vine and Lauren for putting everything together. Heres the final piece that I exhibited, my 50’s dime “Bonita”.

I recently met a fellow Cofa-based artist Irene Feleo who also had a piece in this show. Talented stuff with a lot of delicate linework, check out her work here

Pin Up

Long time no post. Been going ham on the design major project. Ive never done this much straight forward black and white drawing in my life.
Heres a brief taste of what is to be of 5 drawings in total. This probably doesnt make too much sense right now but i’ll post up the final lines when theyre all scanned and polished.

In other news the 2nd project ive been working on is a piece for The Pin-Up parlour exhbition and show. So if you like burlesque, pin up girls, the 40s, sailor tatts etc. come by! I think there will be live dancing and performances aswell as the artworks themselves. Heres the flyer yo

Cheers to Lauren for putting me on.
If you like this kinda stuff be sure to check out her clothing label Betty Belle.
This is the re-do of the initial piece I did earlier.
More or less finished. Not too far of a stretch from the other “girl portraits” ive done but I tried to switch the style in terms of cartooniness. Oh, and also shes a redhead.