I had the “Fuck you I am” exhibition and the “Jurassic Lounge” exhibition only days apart, so for those keeping track I decided to theme the works so they worked together collectively.

Jurassic Lounge

30th of October @The Australian Museum
All Paintings are acrylic on canvas

“Golden Girl”




l sat a quick interview before the event which can be found here.

Fuck You I Am

All  artists were asked to paint over vintage materials to bring “new life” and reinterprut meanings behind them.

“Home Invasion”

“Lurkers Only”

“Turf War”

Unfortunately I couldn’t make it to the opening, but you can find coverage and media here.
The whole set up revamping the old espionage looked great! Props to Faz and the good people at kindof- gallery

FY – i am: Event One from The Stylemologyst on Vimeo.