My ode to Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. After 3+ years of build up this nerdgasm of a film just dropped in Sydney offering some sweet, clean comic book fun. I recommend a must watch, but I probably didn’t have to say that.

Art Skool

4 years down! had my final day of our beloved COFAs, what a love/hate relationship that was. Bittersweet overall it will be missed thanks to the great people + great times.
That leaves roughly 2 and half weeks until my major project is due followed shortly by the COFA Annual in which all of the grads will be exhibiting in.
heres the facespace link. come all you arty men/womens!

In celebration here are some more old “comic scene” drawings I found lying around!
here are some marvel drawings i did like in June/July when the barrage of comic movies/remakes started. No matter how exhausting the ongoing release of these movies are, my inner geek will always get geed.

With these I tried to keep true to a traditional Romita steez of inking/drawing but got ceebs halfway through.

Here is some simple line work I did for Babekuhl and the upcoming “Kids Day Out” event. Pat did the fills and pretty much everything else
Everyone best check out Rolls On Oxford at Taylor Square and their foot long viet rolls. Hit up the Chicken Roll, fresh as 🙂