Crab Shack

A few weeks ago Cam Wall and I did a mural for Eat Art Truck and their newly opened sit down venue, Truckstop.

The theme was “Creole Cookout” – A fusion between Southern soul food and traditional Japanese. The concept of the mural was to depict two giant sized god-zilla/kaiju shellfish. This is what we came up with.

In other news I’m selling off some old sketches and oldies for cheap $$$. Some other good friends and great artists are involved too. Drop by If you’re free. December 5th!

Surf & Turf

Through the week I have been working on some artwork for the newly branded Pub Life in Surry Hills. With the artworks I tried to create an old school Aussie Pub type feel trying to recreate illusions of a hand painted/airbrushed look through photoshop. To see the rest of the series go over there and check em out in person and while your at it go grab the fiendish O.G. burger. Grease level one hunned.

O.k. Rap time – one new, one old and one funny. The order, you decide…

and one for MCA