Been working with the Babekuhl boys prepping visuals for the upcoming Burger feast at Bill & Toni’s Surry Hills. Working hard on those hand drawn burger boxes, will take some snaps when there all done tomorrow. For the mean time heres a sweet poster Pat did for this weeks festivities…
A cool dissection of whats in this beast. Everything German except for the Swiss cheese, but hey who can complain, this will sure to be a greasy affair. The burger will also come with a mixtape and some other cool things we designed so make sure you’re there and early, these burgers will move quick.

Havnet got much work to show this post so heres a bonus wallpaper I found from the vault
Space is the Place

In unrelated news, I saw Big Boi again and man did he kill it.
He even literally did ALL of the ‘kast classics including this gem

and this…

good timezzzz

Lastly big shout out to artist Fee Harding, she reblogged my art finding out about me from the Rah book.
Some has really talented work so be sure to check out her blog and daily dwellings on: