Song for the Mute X NOTHING VOL2.

Collaborative Illustration, Design, Animation and Concept for the 2018 capsule collection of fashion brands Song for The Mute & NOTHING.
Capsule collection stocked worldwide at Lane Crawford, SSENSE & Harrolds.

“Australian labels Song For The Mute & NOTHING rejoin for a capsule that once again focuses on the duo’s shared love of Asian food & drink. Dubbed “Eat, Sing, Drink, Recover,” the new range is comprised of Australian-made goods crafted from Japanese textiles, showcasing a host of graphics printed on T-shirts, sweaters, pants and caps. “COME DRINK WITH ME” verbiage and Japanese characters appear throughout, along with a co-branded circular logo. Elsewhere, a playful “SONG PHO THE MUTE” print accompanies an illustration of a dragon emerging from a bowl of the Vietnamese soup, driving the comfort food motif home.” – HYPEBEAST






Screen Shot 2019-01-23 at 11.22.33 AM.png

Gamera Print

Exercising that design bug

Some ideas i had based around the theme of high fashion combined with the Low Brow. Think Alexander Wang meets normal Wang (an Asian boy who loves manga). Alot of fun to do.

I also drew an illustration for a WUD short story which can be found here. 


Believe it or not but Sydney used to be pretty gangster in the early 00’s. Not in a Fat Tony sense but rather a more “Young and Dangerous” style. Galaxy World and outside George St Cinemas was a hub for the best of hair styles and used to be all the rage for highschoolers at the time. As a young asian boy I often fanticised how cool this superthugged out underworld was like, it probably wasn’t like this..

 All over print everywhere
camo’d down to my boxers! 

Also the twin broddie Andrew just got a blog where he draws dogs and writes about…..things. Best check that out at: