All Grey Everything

So along with the comic heres a preview of another personal project I’ve been working on, soon to be released in a printed greyscalyle zine. A large focus on Greyscale as the new theme of the zine but more on that later yo
four arms vs ϟϟϟϟϟϟ

This piece is kind of a b-side to the painting I did for Hyper Reality. It began as an initial idea I had when planning the first piece but ran out of time to paint as a second piece. I might revisit this with acrylics later, who doesn’t like hero/villain fights!?

Something I started ages ago. fashion/fantasy/girls/animals. Playing around with drawing textures and repeats, more to come.


Jumping on that digital bandwagon, for more of the same please goto:

right?! ϟϟϟϟϟϟϟϟϟϟϟ

Here ‘s some exerpts from some work I did last year. I’ll upload the full images later.
How many animals can you see?

Monkey Brains

I was asked along with a bunch of other artists to choose our fav food related scene from a movie and draw it in grayscale for the new Beef Knuckles zine. I decided to roll with the Chilled Monkey Brains scene from Temples of Doom. Not too sure about the true origins of this delicacy, but a classic scene nonetheless.

To see the other works and pick up a copy be sure to come to the Zine Fair at the MCA on Sunday.



My ode to Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. After 3+ years of build up this nerdgasm of a film just dropped in Sydney offering some sweet, clean comic book fun. I recommend a must watch, but I probably didn’t have to say that.

Black Book

I picked up a new A5 sketch book for quick, on-the-fly drawings to keep with me on the reg. Hopefully this will keep things random and fresh, prepping for the “good stuff”.
Here are some things that have resulted so far. (click to enlarge)