Thanks to everyone who came by and visited my table at Free comic Book Day/Kinokuniya! Lovely to meet you all and a big thanks to everyone who bought the zine!
If you missed out i’ll be pressing more in a few weeks for MCA Zine Fair.
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Some new new of that upcoming apocalyptic future

Space Death 33

human>black goo>kaiju>stomach alien>death>zombie? in that order

The World Watcher

One of the first organic beings ever created, this guy can be found quietly scanning the world from the clouds above. He creates order in the world fighting off incoming dangers aswell as restoring balance by materializing animals and nature from his consciousness when needed. Or something like that…


In other news Quake 3 is on flash!
its kinda dodgy and takes ages to load but it exists nonetheless and that blows my mind, truly closer to that Prometheus promised future.


Believe it or not but Sydney used to be pretty gangster in the early 00’s. Not in a Fat Tony sense but rather a more “Young and Dangerous” style. Galaxy World and outside George St Cinemas was a hub for the best of hair styles and used to be all the rage for highschoolers at the time. As a young asian boy I often fanticised how cool this superthugged out underworld was like, it probably wasn’t like this..

 All over print everywhere
camo’d down to my boxers! 

Also the twin broddie Andrew just got a blog where he draws dogs and writes about…..things. Best check that out at:

All Grey Everything

So along with the comic heres a preview of another personal project I’ve been working on, soon to be released in a printed greyscalyle zine. A large focus on Greyscale as the new theme of the zine but more on that later yo
four arms vs ϟϟϟϟϟϟ

This piece is kind of a b-side to the painting I did for Hyper Reality. It began as an initial idea I had when planning the first piece but ran out of time to paint as a second piece. I might revisit this with acrylics later, who doesn’t like hero/villain fights!?

Something I started ages ago. fashion/fantasy/girls/animals. Playing around with drawing textures and repeats, more to come.


My ode to Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. After 3+ years of build up this nerdgasm of a film just dropped in Sydney offering some sweet, clean comic book fun. I recommend a must watch, but I probably didn’t have to say that.

Art Skool

4 years down! had my final day of our beloved COFAs, what a love/hate relationship that was. Bittersweet overall it will be missed thanks to the great people + great times.
That leaves roughly 2 and half weeks until my major project is due followed shortly by the COFA Annual in which all of the grads will be exhibiting in.
heres the facespace link. come all you arty men/womens!

In celebration here are some more old “comic scene” drawings I found lying around!
here are some marvel drawings i did like in June/July when the barrage of comic movies/remakes started. No matter how exhausting the ongoing release of these movies are, my inner geek will always get geed.

With these I tried to keep true to a traditional Romita steez of inking/drawing but got ceebs halfway through.

Here is some simple line work I did for Babekuhl and the upcoming “Kids Day Out” event. Pat did the fills and pretty much everything else
Everyone best check out Rolls On Oxford at Taylor Square and their foot long viet rolls. Hit up the Chicken Roll, fresh as 🙂