Indulge Me

So Wednesday was Babekuhl Hamburg day and everything went off without a hitch. I think last time I spoke about this I had only done like 2 handdrawn boxes. Well 8 hours, 40+ boxes later and this is the result..

Thank god for non-toxic Poscas and Sharpies, thankfully no-one was poisoned haha. Every Box is kind of different, they all had the same basic layout but I flipped styles every box or two just to keep my mind fresh. More than anything this type of slave work is less of a physical excerice, but far more mental. After like the first 4 boxes your mind lapses and goes into autopilot, good times!
Overall a very interesting experience, I would’ve never thought that I could possibly be tagging in a professional job. So yeah to all the highschool doodlers, keep up the good work! Its like a form of studying for dropkicks like me haha

and this was the final presentation of the meal….

The Hamburg!
Packaged with it was a free electric funk mix Billy put together and a worksheet with games and facts on it. There were also 5 “golden tickets” attached  to random boxes with prizes to be given out Willy Wonka style. Luckily our boy Jay got one and recieved a Babekuhl studio book.
The burger itself had a whooping 300 gram paddy made with 50/50 Bill and Toni’s beef mixed with Bratwurst mince and German Beer. The potato rosti paddy and homemade sauerkraut was also amazing.
We threw back a few beers with the itis soon kicking in, ready for sleep.

Good night and cheers to all that came. Im pretty sure Bill & Toni’s has this Burger special every Wednesday night, so be sure to drop in and check out the crazy one-offs they come up with.

An Offer You Can’t Refuse

For Babekuhl ive been working on some sweet murals/menus for the redesign and opening of a new Bill & Toni’s in Balmain. They wanted a real handdrawn feel with iconic characters that truly represent “Italian Culture”. So with Pat’s expertise, you know we had to roll with Pavarotti and Tha Don, Sir Brando haha. Given black skirting around the walls, we had to blend the characters into the bordering black, a step by step process here are the initial ink drawings I did.
Once we figured out a rough layout, The four of us rolled to the location with the lines ready to be projected and directly pencil traced…
The Texture of the wall was initially extremely rough to paint onto, but over time and the discovery of random brushes everything went smoothly.
Pat rocked out with some Poscas for the nice fontage
Its crazy how accurate it turned out in the end to the initial A4 sketch.

Speaking of Bill & Toni’s…. every Wednesday in their Surry Hills location they have a specialty “Burger Night” from 6pm to 9pm I think. They make around 40-50 on the night made completely of specialty ingredients with it always selling out. Here are some fiendish examples from previous weeks…
“The Jap” – Wasabi Mayo. Crunchy Onions. Wagyu pattie. Daikon. Teriyaki sauce. Japanese sweet bun.

“Exhibit A” – Dope Mayo. Crispy Onions. Tri-Cheese Filled Beef. Grilled Pickle.
“EL NACHO LIBRE” Burger bun. Avacardo puree. Iceberg lettuce. Mexican spiced beef. Cheese. Dehydrated jalapeno mayo. Cheese suprene doritos. Cheesey mo f-en sauce. Tomato onion Salsa.

So next week, or maybe the week after, Bill & Toni’s is hooking Babekuhl up with their own signature burger. More info as it comes, but be sure to be there! dont sleep on the greasynesssss