Justin Bieber – Yummy (Animated Video)

Justin Bieber – Yummy (Animated Video)
Music Video (Animation, Illustration)

Our visual interpretation of this song was to continue the same universe as Bieber’s live action Music Video, following the set design of a luxurious dining hall with decadent foods. In a Toy Story-esque way, inanimate objects within the set come to life: food, chairs and tables awaken– singing, swaying and dancing to the song, ‘Yummy’.
Screen Shot 2020-04-08 at 1.20.26 pmScreen Shot 2020-04-08 at 1.20.35 pmScreen Shot 2020-04-08 at 1.21.01 pmFOOD_ASSETS.jpg


Trailer and video work that were part of the Twin Guillotine “experience”. Had a load of fun attempting my first full length animation.

“TWIN GUILLOTINE” by Andrew & Chris Yee

Books Kinokuniya, Wedge Gallery
Sydney Australia
Feb 6 – 18


Animation – Chris Yee
Soundtrack – KC Avila, Michael Yee

Special Thanks To Sujin Jeong
Displayed at the “Twin Guillotine” exhibition by Chris & Andrew Yee
Sydney, 2014

“RAW” by Andrew Yee

DOP – Sujin Jeong
Soundtrack – Priyan Senanayake

Special Thanks to
Gerald Leung
Sarah Lim