Trailer and video work that were part of the Twin Guillotine “experience”. Had a load of fun attempting my first full length animation.

“TWIN GUILLOTINE” by Andrew & Chris Yee

Books Kinokuniya, Wedge Gallery
Sydney Australia
Feb 6 – 18


Animation – Chris Yee
Soundtrack – KC Avila, Michael Yee

Special Thanks To Sujin Jeong
Displayed at the “Twin Guillotine” exhibition by Chris & Andrew Yee
Sydney, 2014

“RAW” by Andrew Yee

DOP – Sujin Jeong
Soundtrack – Priyan Senanayake

Special Thanks to
Gerald Leung
Sarah Lim


Believe it or not but Sydney used to be pretty gangster in the early 00’s. Not in a Fat Tony sense but rather a more “Young and Dangerous” style. Galaxy World and outside George St Cinemas was a hub for the best of hair styles and used to be all the rage for highschoolers at the time. As a young asian boy I often fanticised how cool this superthugged out underworld was like, it probably wasn’t like this..

 All over print everywhere
camo’d down to my boxers! 

Also the twin broddie Andrew just got a blog where he draws dogs and writes about…..things. Best check that out at: