Arty Thursdays

Why are art openings always on Thursdays??

The 80s-90s Comic/Cartoon/Video Game themed gallery Hyper Reality Dimension XX went off without a hitch. Good vibes, great numbers, great art. Much thanks to Jono Verzosa for curating and organizing the whole event. It was great meeting all of the artists and hearing from people that they legitimately liked looking at all of the art.

Sydney’s a small place and it was great to finally put a physical face behind stuff i’d seen online. So please check out the works of talented dudes: Gerald Leung, Sam Hoh, Jin Hien Lau, BafCat, OX and Bryn Desmond-Jones to name a few.

Be sure to check out the gallery at aMBUSH before it ends, or the online catalogue when it comes out. Here are some blurry and overall poor photos I took from the night

Thanks to the usual scumbag crew for coming. Much like the Wu-Tang Clan except one of our names could actually be “Wu” or “Tang”.
Jinman is Raekwon.