Semi Permanent 2019

“This year’s instalment of creative conference Semi Permanent is putting the theme of “truth” under the microscope. The event will host panel discussions surrounding the complexities, importance and barricades to truth and how to incorporate it into a path toward success and ever-flourishing creativity.

A key part of the Semi Permanent schedule is Future Youth, a series of talks on what it means to be young in 2019 throughout the lens of music, fashion and technology. Topics will include:Material to Meaning; The System is Fucked and Us Together, We Alone — all focusing on how youth is moulding the future of our world. They’ll also dive into what it means to stay true to your beliefs in a hyper-digitalised and social media orientated world.

Panelists at Future Youth will include Pitch Studio’s Chris Golden and Christie Morgan, artist and designer Chris Yee, graphic designer Flossy, writer/director and photographer Hyun Lee. Also appearing is photographer and director Kaius Potter, Mercy Sang who founded POCC Magazine, artist Rhys John Kaye and musician Serwah Attafuah. All of the panels will be moderated by i-D Australia and NZ’s very own editor Mitch Parker.” – i-D


Hi Medusa!

Chris Yee: HI MEDUSA! is an exhibition that creates a tangible connection between the Chinese-Australian communities of Sydney and provides a unique opportunity for visitors to engage with the history of the Garden through neo-traditional artworks depicting modern and historical Lunar New Year cultural imagery.

Presenting twelve new and existing bespoke tapestries by emerging Sydney artist Chris Yee, visitors to the Chinese Garden of Friendship during Lunar New Year 2019 go on a journey through the Gardens, discovering detailed, beautiful and humorous images at every turn. Yee’s design work evokes the experiences and narratives of the Chinese diasporic communities of the city expressed through a graphic sensibility that echoes that architectural forms and decorative embellishments of the Chinese Garden of Friendship. Hand woven, the tapestries in this special exhibition, presented by 4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art, compliment the natural flow of the venue, synthesising a harmonious environment of traditional and contemporary artistic expression.

Chris Yee: HI MEDUSA! has been commissioned by 4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art, Sydney, Australia and produced for The Chinese Garden of Friendship, Darling Harbour for Lunar New Year 2019.

Artist: Chris Yee
Curator: Con Gerakaris
Project Manager: Bridie Moran






100% American made, woven cotton yarn
60″ x 50″



100% American made, woven cotton yarn
60″ x 50″



100% American made, woven cotton yarn
60″ x 50″



100% American made, woven cotton yarn
60″ x 50″



100% American made, woven cotton yarn
60″ x 50″



100% American made, woven cotton yarn
60″ x 50″


Screen Shot 2019-05-24 at 5.21.27 PM.png




4a Centre of Contemporary Australian Art





Song for the Mute X NOTHING VOL2.

Collaborative Illustration, Design, Animation and Concept for the 2018 capsule collection of fashion brands Song for The Mute & NOTHING.
Capsule collection stocked worldwide at Lane Crawford, SSENSE & Harrolds.

“Australian labels Song For The Mute & NOTHING rejoin for a capsule that once again focuses on the duo’s shared love of Asian food & drink. Dubbed “Eat, Sing, Drink, Recover,” the new range is comprised of Australian-made goods crafted from Japanese textiles, showcasing a host of graphics printed on T-shirts, sweaters, pants and caps. “COME DRINK WITH ME” verbiage and Japanese characters appear throughout, along with a co-branded circular logo. Elsewhere, a playful “SONG PHO THE MUTE” print accompanies an illustration of a dragon emerging from a bowl of the Vietnamese soup, driving the comfort food motif home.” – HYPEBEAST






Screen Shot 2019-01-23 at 11.22.33 AM.png


2017 Collaboration work with my twin brother, Andrew Yee at Books Kinokuniya Sydney.
A mixture of video, illustration and my personal tapestry design.
The spotlight being our streaming “TV station” played throughout the exhibition with all music, scripting, animation and video work handled by Andrew & Myself.
( complete video found at bottom. )