A pretty decent year I’d say. Thanks to everyone that came out to any of my gigs/art things through the year, it is fully appreciated. A few days into January, I think its time to start working again and updating this blog on the reg. A few projects are already in the works so watch this space for more updates.

I guess to cap off 2011 i’ll blog a few “bonus” things that happend this year. Think of it as a b-sides of jobs I ceebs’d blogging.

Tagged viv’s hipster couch with a laundry marker. dragon/demon all day everyday

Before the “battle” with the Momorobo crew we had to send over a proof of concept so they had a feel of our style/what to expect. With roughly 20 minutes this is what I came up with.

That same night after seeing me draw live this dude asked If I could sketch something for his daughter Perri. It was pretty flattering and I was down so cheers to you, mysterious drunk man.

A few weeks ago I handpainted these signs to fit an A-frame for The Passage in the cross. I tried my best to get the sets near exactly the same. So if your ever in the cross drop by, peep the signs and grab a cheap feed. I believe babekuhl did the interior murals inside the bar aswell.
2011 Year of the Totem Pole!
To close here are some dumb songs I dug from ’11